Day 170 – Finding the Pieces


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling over the field of possibilities that lays before me, all thanks to a new puzzle piece or two.

I assume, like me, you have “been there” a million times. You are working towards something or working on completing something but somehow it just isn’t working so you try harder. You work longer hours but it doesn’t help. Something is missing and whatever it is, is essential.

Doing what you are doing, will get you more of what you got.

Repeat after me – doing what you are doing, will get you more of what you got. If you don’t like your current situation well then, you need to change something. I am not suggesting throwing anything away. Rather, I am saying ADD SOMETHING!

Garden not growing? Read a book on your climate, the plants you want to grow, or if you need to be adding nutrients to your soil (and which ones).

Job sucking? Quit blaming the boss, the co-worker, or your lack of education (all exercises in helplessness). Take a night course. Listen to/read some self motivation tapes. Pick the senior job you want, figure out what skills they have that you don’t (and it might be just that they don’t whine about not having stuff, they just go get it) and then DO IT.

My brand new Mac, my brand new office, my brand new studio lighting – all pieces that make my new video version of my career so exciting and fun. They were the pieces I needed, pieces that click right next to my drive and knowledge to make the future very bright indeed.

What you missing my friend?

Go get that. And if you don’t know how, well, that’s where your research starts.



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