How to Write …

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am giggling at just how wrong I have been.

To explain, imagine for a moment the writing process. Imagine an author, a playwright, a poet creating their works. Where are they? Are they writing with pen or keyboard? At a desk or sitting on the grass under a tree?

I giggle for I imagined such answers for years only to learn that is so not me!

My answer – it’s 4:50 am. I’m in bed in the dark, cell phone in hand, music playing. I am utterly alone (even the cat has not stirred yet) and it is glorious.

I am alone and I am writing. Perfect.

Do you my friend, do you. However, in whatever way works for you. Today, please be brave enough to be you, to live as you would, to write wherever and however you would choose (if you would choose at all).

Be you. That is after all, why you are here.

I love you.