Day 169 – Taking My Medicine


I am awake, I am alive, doors are closed, old drafts now gone. It is time to fly, to play, to achieve, to dance.

Today, I get back to business. Today, I get things done. Today, I am back! NEW AND IMPROVED mind you, like I pray we all are after yet another amazing day but me nevertheless, perhaps more “me” then I have ever been before and that thought makes me smile.

Truth be told, I take my “medicine” regularly now. For any hint of financial insecurity, I finish one more project. For any feeling of helplessness, I take responsibility. And for any hint of self doubt, I take a moment to remember who I use to be and how scared I once was.

Nowadays, little scares me except the thought of not being of service, of not having the words, of not being able to mirror another’s capabilities so that they feel and know (often for the first time) that they CAN scale whatever mountain they are facing.

But that time has not arrived yet so today, I have work to do. Creator work. Sandi work. Intentional work. Meaningful work. Work that will resonate long after I am gone and for that opportunity, I remain ever thankful.

Thank you Creator for the dark days that make it so easy to appreciate the sun. Thank you for showing me time and time that even the darkest night eventually ends and that is much easier when you learn to appreciate the stars.

I love you my friend. Work today – on you, on your relationships, on your home, on your mind, on your health, on your peace, on whatever needs tending.

It is time.



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