Living Her Dream …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning the revelation … that I am living her dream.

I was 7, maybe 8, completely sold on just how glorious an adult life could be – free, no rules, writing when mood struck, no restraints, no limitations on who or what you could do!

But soon I discovered that precious few adults live that way. Most, in fact, love their rules! Don’t eat yet. Don’t sleep until (insert appropriate time). Don’t sleep-in (unless it’s Saturday). Don’t drink alone. Don’t cry, ever.

And then there’s me, an adult now living in my own home where rooms become whatever I want or need them to be. (An office rather than a bedroom? SURE! A bed in the livingroom! ABSOLUTELY, if need or desire be!)

In my home, I sleep when tired, eat as needed, and write always, for here I am free.

Feel free to visit. Feel free to enjoy, just please leave rules and expectations outside. They are not needed here.

And I will understand if you can’t stay. Freedom is disconcerting to some, especially those who have never tasted it. I get that.

So here’s to living our dreams, rather than simply replicating the norm! Here’s to living by values rather than rules, principles rather than restrictions! Here’s to living lives that we only dreamt of as children!

Try it! You will see.

I love you!