Day 168 – Bought and Paid For!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I think to myself “bought and paid for”!

Today, I close and lock the door to my once cherished condo. I learned so much within those walls – that dreams can come true, that I could truly be respected and heard, that I could accomplish so much if I set down yesterday’s baggage and got out of my own way.

So many lessons including when it was time to go.

I type this from my kick ass new office with the amazing view, part of a life FILLED with things I once thought impossible – networks, international influence and (this is where the smiley part comes in) it is ALL bought and paid for.

The new computers, the furnishings, all paid for with hard work, sweat, tears, tenacity, and determination. The wisdom and experience dancing harmoniously together in my brain – paid in full thanks to years and years of trial, error, and trying again.

Yes, all this, bought and paid for by the woman once told her children would starve if she was ever dumb enough to leave. Too stupid you see, to ever be able to earn enough to feed them.

Enjoy the day my friend. Close the doors on the doubters. Run through the ones calling your name. You paid for it all so enjoy!



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