Day 167 – Does it Matter?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning one question is dancing in my brain …

Does it matter?

Today, when you speak to your child or partner or friend or teacher, will it matter what you say or how you say it? Will you care what it does to them? Will it show they matter?

Today, when you work or clean or garden or harvest or a countless other things, will it matter? Will you do it with love, with care, with attention or is the plan to half-ass it?

If you show up to do this day, will it matter to your future, your plans, your dreams, or did you give up on those too?

You matter (and just in case you needed to hear that, I am going to repeat it) …

You matter.

What you do today matters. What you say (or don’t say) today matters. Your relationships matter. Your work matters but only as much as you decide they do.

So decide to matter. Decide to treat every precious moment, every task, every word like they matter … because they do to the people you share with them, to the people who will remember you by your actions, your words, and how you made them feel.

You matter.

Please today, act like it.



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