Author Morning (Living My Dreams)

I am awake, I am alive, for the seventh time because this morning I had an author’s morning …

I was exhausted last night. A week-long event left me with nothing, so I fell asleep at 7 pm. No matter, it’s what my body needed but as it turned out, so did my spirit.

I woke at 3:56 AM and wrote the revelations a dream revealed

At 4:11 AM, I wrote a revision I must make to a presentation, making it all the more powerful.

At 4:26 AM, I wrote a blog post.

And at 4:35 AM, I wrote this one (revised at 4:36).

And another at 4:46.

And yet another at 4:54.

Then I stopped to thank creator for the wisdom that had me sleeping when needed, writing when inspired, and smiling from the soul through it all.

This is leaving your truth, my friend, and I pray that you have found the courage to live yours. Forget social norms and societal expectations- what does your spirit, your bestest truest self want to do?

Dare my friend, dare to ask it.
Dare to find out.

I love you.