Day 165 – I’m Back!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am filled with a deep and complete gratitude simply because … I’m back!

It came to me out of nowhere, without warning or plan. I HAD noticed that for the first time in ages, I had completed my ENTIRE To Do List for the day (a fact that was shared immediately upon discovery with my admin assistant) but that had occurred hours before.

No, this thought came in the quieter evening hours. I had just gone through the mountain of paperwork on my desk, separating “To be filed” from “Need to do that”. I was going through my notebook where I list all the little brain sparks of inspiration I have during the day. I was checking off things now completed and then it hit me …

I’m back. I’m on top of things again! My world is again in order! I am doing what needs to be done! I am hitting deadlines again! The move is DONE!

I pray you know that feeling my friend and I pray you know it often. I pray that feeling is a near-constant companion in your world and I pray you know it today.

And if not, I pray you take steps, as many as needed, to find this very worthwhile companion.

Food for thought.



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