The Longevity of Decisions Based in Personal Truth …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at the realization that decisions based in personal truth … never grow old.

To explain …

In the final years of high school, many a conversation began with the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” It was that age/stage when we were to decide our future careers and I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do! But, I did know one thing for sure …

Frontline work was NOT for me!

You see, many of my friends were choosing to go into the Social Work field. They wanted to make a difference. They wanted to assist people to change their lives. I wanted the same but I knew I couldn’t do that type of work for one reason …

I knew my solution would be to adopt everyone, bring them home, feed them, keep them safe and TAH DAHH lives made better!

Fortunately, I was also wise enough to realize that was not a financially viable option so I made a different decision – I went into administration. I figured if I couldn’t be on the frontlines, then at least I could support those on the frontlines by ensuring the agencies that employed them were strong.

For 25 years, I worked in non-profit management before starting my own business. And this week, I once again supporting frontline workers as I begin a week-long emceeing gig as part of the Oshki-Pimache-O-Win: The WenJack Education Institute’s On-Call Workers Training Conference.

The journey and the support continues it seems. And I, for one, could not be happier.

What decision did you make early-on that stuck with you on your journey my friend? Perhaps it is time to think back and remember.

I love you!