Day 162 – Not a Day of Rest


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I woke giggling because … it’s Sunday! lol

The laughter is borne not of the day but the fact that when I woke, I was positive it was Monday. I woke at 5:15 am and jumped out of bed, mind already engaged and working on an important assignment I have to complete. It wasn’t until the speech was written that I stopped to question whether it was indeed Monday or not. The information my phone glance provided had me giggling.

Will I work today? Absolutely! Remember, Sunday is just a day of the week to me …

If you just sighed at the blasphemy of that thought. I invite you to unpack that. Resting on Sunday, after all, is a Christian notion borne of colonization as Christian religion was indeed brought here by the settlers. So each time you remind someone to rest today, please first be sure they are Christian. Otherwise you are now the colonizer, imposing ideas not of this land.

In my particular case, I am not a Christian. I do not believe or follow the teachings of the bible. Each day in my world is a day of balance – of work and rest, of forward planning and reflection, a journey that will last me my entire life. Sundays are no more cherished than any other day but rest assured, they are all sacred to me.

I look forward to all the work I will get done today, fueled by the inspiration that Creator provided in my waking moments. He knew what I needed and he isn’t restricted by the calendar either.

Food for thought my friend, food for thought. Whether you rest or work today, I pray you enjoy your day in the way that makes sense to you. All I ask, is that you grant me and others like me the same freedom.



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