Day 161 – No Goals


I am awake, I am alive and I am so looking forward to this day, for it is Saturday, the one day of the week that never comes with goals.

In other words, there is nothing I “have to” do today. I know I will end up doing something or perhaps even many somethings but nothing “has to” be done allowing this to be a day of utter freedom or laziness or productivity or whatever mood strikes in the moment.

And if the mood stays – great. If it vanishes after 5 minutes – also great.

Today, is my counter-balance to a life of deadlines and To Do Lists. Today is about breathing and appreciating rather than creating and doing and this spirit needs this day.

So whatever kind of day you are having my friend, I pray it is just the kinda day your spirit needs because only you know what you REALLY need. (Hint – It is always good for you which is, of course, why your spirit needs it.)

Food for thought.



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