Time for a Life “Reset” …

I am awake, I am alive, as I smile at all my day holds including … some decisions that must be made.

Truth be told, I love the unpredictability of my life – never knowing what events or who I will meet from event to event. It is exciting letting Creator drive but to ensure he stays in the driver seat, I employ a simple process over and over, whenever my life seems to have developed “a funny sound” like our cars tend to do.

The process –
– List off what I thoroughly enjoy doing.
– Acknowledge what I don’t like doing.
– Review my current activities to ensure I am doing the things I love, first and foremost.
– Adjust my life to fix the rattling sound.

Of late, my life has been rattling, so this morning I made my list. The answer as always was crystal clear (with a surprise thrown in as well), and I will reveal that answer on today’s Facebook Live.

Change is underfoot, my friend. GOOD change, the kind we choose to make before life or others make it for us.

EXCITED to get my life/car fixed!

Chat soon!

I love you!