Day 158 – Listening


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I listened.

I woke to the thunder beings loud and adamant to be heard. They sent torrential rains in an attempt to keep us still long enough to listen. As Red Thunderbolt woman it seemed only right to pay attention so I did, to every clap, to every bolt sent.

As I listened, as the storm slowly began to dissipate, I couldn’t help but think of how many things could be resolved this world over if only we took the time to listen without interruption or correction in the style of the talking stick and the sharing circle.

If felt good to honour the thunder beings and when I finally rose (not that much later) and turned on my phone, the very first post in my Facebook feed was a post on relationships and how we must return to nurturing them, how we … must listen.

The direction has been heard and received Creator. Today I listen. Today I learn. Today I see and hear those around me. Today I acknowledge their pain and trials. Today I will again remember how truly effective I can be when I take the time to listen.

Aho. Miigwetch for the lesson Creator.

Friend, are you listening?



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