Apologizes & an Edmonton Priest/Denier …

I am awake, I am alive, as my mind continues to ponder a certain Catholic priest in Edmonton.

I spoke to his denial of the mass graves, of the children taken from us at various residential schools, in my Facebook Live yesterday. I also spoke of his apology – how he was asked to apologize, how he chose to apologize to his congregation (to whom he had made the original defamatory comments), and how local Indigenous protesters, interested in hearing that apology, were not allowed to attend the mass in which he was to speak.

I shared how, in my mind, an apology demanded isn’t an apology at all.

But this morning I realized there is ONE apology that could change all of this … if the Pope himself finally apologizes publicly to Indigenous peoples for the atrocities of the residential schools.

Truth be told, this priest will never believe the news stories or even the survivors themselves if his infallible boss says nothing.

And maybe the Pope himself is now the one being “forced into apologizing” leaving me to think that sometimes even a forced apology can have the desired effect, especially when spoken publicly by an influencer.

The journey continues. I think we do need an apology, eventually in Edmonton but first, from Vatican City.


I love you!

UPDATE: To be clear, INDIGENOUS do NOT need the Pope to apologize to heal. We DO need him to apologize so in future, his priests do not spit out this kinda garbage. Thank you.