Day 157 – The Scales


I am awake, I am alive … as the journey continues.

Piece by piece, box by box, book by book my new abode comes together, each offering changing it from a house to my individualized home. I smile as I realize the same process happened with my life.

The first pieces of me were handed to me by my parents. With love and understanding, they handed me their strengths and their shortcomings (although it would be years before I realized the magnitude of that statement).

Then teachers and relatives, friends and eventually employers were added into the example recipe. Some offered endless possibilities while others warned how few possibilities there were for young indigenous women.

The passing of one of my most positive influences left a hole in my teaching staff, a vacuum eventually replaced by far too many of the negative influence as the scales of possibility dipped lower than ever before.

It would take YEARS for me to realize I had the power to remove any influence from my life, any impact delivered. Gifts offered need not be accepted after all.

So dream my friend, dream. Then get busy. Learn then work. Try, fail, then try again. Action not thought that will get you there so believe you can then … get going.



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