This Time … Let’s Protect the Children

I am awake, I am alive, and I remain … an optimist.

Not in the “Everything is bright and beautiful!” way, not in the rose-coloured glasses way but in a hopeful way. I remain optimistic that although the world is not beautiful right now, it can be.

In other words, I remain hopeful because hope was one of the things lost to assimilation and colonization and I took it back.

But I am a realist. And that beautiful future comes with a price tag. There is work to be done and the work must be done now.

For one, although I thought a mass grave had the power to open the eyes of the non-believers in Canada, it seems some (including one very vocal Polish priest in Alberta) believe it all a hoax, a disgusting attempt by indigenous peoples to “get more money”. A repeat – a CATHOLIC PRIEST is denying what was done to us. (More on him and the violence at his church in my Facebook Live at noon.)

The above fact is indeed fact, but it does not dim my hope. It just reminds me there is work to be done.

Equally important is the delta variant. Reports show that non-vaccinated people are contagious for longer periods, spreading the delta variant with the same potential as the spread of chicken pox. Infected vaccinated people spread it as well, mind you, just for fewer days as the vaccine works its magic WHICH MEANS masks are still required for EVERYONE especially since the delta variant is taking out our kids.

But some would deny that too, leaving me to wonder why this country is so absolutely horrible at protecting its children.

So today, the journey continues, the work continues. Because I have hope and my teachings and my Anishinaabe pride intact. What once was lost can be found and what once built, can and must be improved.

I am talking about you, Canada.

To those reading, help me, please. Help me to honour the children now gone by stopping the denial of the horrors inflicted. Help me to protect those with us now by wearing a mask.

This I pray, for the sake of our children.

I love you!