Day 156 – I’m the Boss!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am the BOSS cuz my coffee mug says so!

I smiled as I grabbed it from the shelf, a perfect reminder that there are no victims in my world. You see, years ago, I discovered the antidote for helplessness and it never fails to cure me.

The cure? Responsibility.

So when Covid decimated my business, I wept. I raged. I paced then I got busy, knowing it was up to ME to keep my business afloat. I pivoted. I planned. And now, I sail.

Time and time again, I have used that winning antidote to overcome a curveball slamming into the side of my head. A relationship turned abusive, a job turned unrewarding, a partner turned … undesirable. Each time I knew I had a choice, “to fix it or shut up” as Mom would say. She taught me that whining wastes energy and changes nothing. So instead I cry my tears, acknowledging the hurt, disappointment and fear, and then I get down to business.

Why? Because I’m the boss.

Today, my friend, no matter what you are doing, remember YOU are the boss. YOU decide how you show up. YOU decide your attitude. YOU decide whether you whine or get down to business. YOU decide if you are an asset to those around you or the one they “put up with”.

You decide my friend, because you ARE the boss and responsibility looks SO GOOD on you!



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