When the Magic Happens …

I am awake, I am alive and now … the magic happens.

It is a phrase I use often in seminar, reminding my participants that “the magic” doesn’t happen when we are in seminar together. It happens after I leave and is totally dependent on whether or not they use what they learned in the time we shared.

After all, if you change nothing, nothing changes.

This morning is my first day “in the office” after my four-day healing retreat. Like with my participants, it is now up to me to implement what I have learned. I can change things for the better, utilizing the revelations of the past four days or I could just simply return to my life the way it was before the break, ensuring that I will most definitely need another in the future.

The choice is mine but if I don’t consciously choose, it will undoubtedly be the latter.

Obviously, I am going for the former. A lesson learned yet not implemented is an epic waste of potential in my mind and that is simply not in my repertoire.

But what of you and the world – before, during and after Covid? Did we learn from the global reset? Will things be different or are we rushing back into the world with the perfect conditions for a global pandemic?

I wish I could say I believe we have all learned. I wish we all held family closer now, cared a little bit more, took our self-care more seriously … but I am not sure that is true.

Time will tell I suppose. But for me, the time is now and now is a perfect time to create some magic!

I love you!