Day 155 – Male Reminders


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am laughing at the reminders Creator sent. It took awhile to see the message but when I added it to my mindset of late, it all made sense as it always does.

The mindset – that I wish I had a partner here to help with this unpacking and setting up. An exhausted plea, born of a sore back and way too much left to do, but a thought nevertheless. So Creator answered.

Two nights ago four men visited me, to remind me that I am surrounded by those of the male persuasion. First, a friend, a forbidden man of interest, but taken. Then the elder I never got to meet who lives on in the lives and loves of the family that misses him dearly. Then the friend. Then the colleague. All there in my dream, offering their masculine balance to my feminine perspective.

Then last night, the reminder that any partner is not the way to go, as I spent the night dancing with my ex once again without input on our lives, futures, or day-to-day decisions. With morning light, the realization/reminder … that alone is preferable to invisible.

So the journey continues. This Kwe knows sometimes we walk with a partner, sometimes we walk alone, determined by what we need to learn at the relevant point in time. Personally, I have tons to do. It would be rude to make someone wait. ESPECIALLY when I am never alone in my dreams!l

Cherish your life, my friend. Do not want for greener grass. Tend the land you have. Nurture it. Water it. You may be surprised to see what grows.




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