Day 154 – One Week


I am awake, I am alive, as I sit and contemplate this period of transition …

Seven days ago, almost to the minute, the transformation of my world began with the picking up of the first U-Haul truck. Last Saturday the boxes arrived, filling my new home with chaos and work with little promise of what it could become.

But it has become and so will I.

Today, computer time morphs into home-time with a focus on eliminating some more boxes and perhaps even laundry. (I know! A woman can dream! lol)

But first coffee and appreciation for all that was, as I anticipate all the awesomeness to come. It’s a new chapter after all and like any great new chapter it will involve new characters, new challenges, and new opportunities for growth.

Bring it!

But first, coffee.

Enjoy the beauty that is this Saturday, my friend. Enjoy the beauty that is this life. Enjoy the beauty that is … you, for the world needs the beauty you bring, now more than ever.