Day 153 – YOU!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am revelling in … my freedom.

Some enjoy restriction, rules, and guidelines I assume but I am not that type of individual, for I enjoy freedom above everything else and I especially enjoy the freedom to be me.

That was my thought-process as I put together my Master Bedroom last night. A magazine-perfect bedroom would surely be prettier but instead, mine is filled with all the things that matter.

And when I finally laid my head down to rest, I could see the stuffed beaver with my home town emblazoned on his little sweatshirt. I could see the Christmas bears Dad bought Mom. I could feel Mom’s star blanket across my feet and I could see the card made for me by my grandchildren.

I smiled as I went to sleep, enjoying the feelings of home with no restriction or need to impress anyone but me.

Colour me IMPRESSED.

Make YOU proud today my friend. Impress YOURSELF with your ingenuity, your determination, your kindness, your patience, and your results. Impress the one person you should always impress – YOU.



#success #successmindset #ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive.