My Personal Healing Journey …

I am awake, I am alive, and today the journey and my healing continue …

Healing is such a strange journey. Sometimes a quiet (even comforting) moment of acceptance, other times a crushing torrent of tears and pain.

Yesterday, I experienced the latter. But I also experienced utter kindness in so many forms … from outside and from within.

Funds sent to treat myself to a decadent meal, countless virtual hugs, unexpected visits to offer hugs at my front door and a truly joyous visit with a friend I will most definitely be enjoying more time with. All a reminder of just how amazing the people in my circle are.

More surprising however, was the kindness I finally decided to show myself. Not the wealth-destroying “Buy whatever you want today!” kind or the waist-destroying “Damn rights you can have ice cream for dinner!” kind. Rather, I quieter more authentic version that requires only one action – to listen.

When I felt tears welling up, I cried as hard and for as long as my spirit needed.

When my body was hungry, I fed it light, good, healthy food, nurturing it along with my spirit.

I turned away from outside responsibilities and deadlines and made my healing the only responsibility.

I read, completing a text I have long wanted to finish, not for anyone but me and my learning.

And I went to bed early, an act that allowed me to rise earlier today; rested, hopeful for the day ahead.

And today, my break continues because I now know firsthand that if you don’t take one, you will. It will be a 4-day break in total, a mini-vaca that I didn’t plan on taking but one my spirit knew I needed. And, without question, my spirit deserves to be listened to.

So, as mentioned, the healing and the journey continue today … as they no doubt will for the rest of my life.

I love you, my friend.
Thank you so so much for being my friend.