Day 152 – Perspective


I am awake, I am alive and this morning my journey continues as I acknowledge that the path is definitely getting wider …

Feather teachings say as we age (and move up the feather) our focus narrows. We no longer stray from our purpose as often or as far as we use to. We have determined many things that do not work for us, helping us to stay on point.

But conversely, the opportunities in my world have expanded wider than I EVER DREAMED possible! As a young Kwe, I was warned what I could and couldn’t do, what would be and wouldn’t be allowed. My rebellious nature hated the restrictions of being female or indigenous.

I smile now at how the terms I once thought so limiting now encapsulate my strength. Female and indigenous – a path I am proud to walk and live and speak to for I cannot imagine a brighter, more promising path.

Because you see, experience has shown me that just because there are walls, doesn’t mean I have to climb them. There are restrictions but I need not live under them. As it turns out, rules and opinions made irrelevant have very little power.

So this is me, enjoying yet another amazing sunrise as the possibilities of this day come into view. They are beautiful, don’t you think?



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