Day 151 – Giggling


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I woke up giggling and that my friend, is NEVER a bad thing in my mind.

First, the giggle over the “lie”. For years now, those who have followed my career have heard me state how I have long ago given up the use of an alarm clock (except for on seminar day). It is true that I go to bed when my body is tired and wake 7 hrs later, when my body is rested. But this morning I giggled as I realized that is a lie. I still have an alarm clock. The new version doesn’t require batteries however. She needs cat food at 6 a.m..

The second giggle – the reality of working in the midst of moving chaos. My desk is now set up in its awesome new location allowing me to type this post with ease and behind me, different mementos line the wall, a perfect backdrop for future videos. But … a clearly delineated line of boxes sits just out of camera view and pretty much anywhere else the world can’t see. They will disappear, just not as fast as imminent videos will imply and yes, the realization of just how well they line up made me giggle.

So the journey continues, my friend. This is the calm AFTER the storm, those moments in which you finally see the beginning signs of recovery, confirming that the worst has indeed past.

I pray my friend, you are sailing on smooth waters right now but if you are not. If storms of chaos or grief or challenge rock your vessel, hang tight, paddle hard and remember this is NOT your first day in the canoe. You will get through this. Calm will return. Just please, KEEP GOING!

And if you can, giggle. Trust me, it helps.



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