Take the 60! (or the 10 and Here’s Why!)

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I want to talk about the value of an hour or even 10 minutes …

Racism, Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Equity – these are all HUGE topics that require a journey of learning from exposure to competence. You cannot possibly teach all they need to know in one book, one seminar, or one speech especially if that speech is a mere 60 minutes long.

But you can start someone on their journey.

You can help another take their next step.

You can be the missing puzzle piece that allows another to advance.

You can be the clarity another needs.

You can be the explanation that resonates to yet another.

You can be inspiration to them all.

You can be fuel so they keep going.

And all of that can easily be done in 60 minutes.

So today, I am begging all that have the opportunity at dinner table, on stage, in front of a monitor or phone – give the speech, pass on the info, answer the question, give the next morsel, be the next puzzle piece.

With a gift comes responsibility or so my Elders say. A question with the opportunity to respond is a gift and just because it isn’t as big or grand or as long as we would have hoped, doesn’t change that fact. It remains a gift.

Take the gift and run with it, my friend. Because one word, one well-spoken sentence, one informed thought can change a trajectory. Let’s change some plans today!

You with me?!

I love you!