Day 150 – So Thankful (For Totally Different Reasons)!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so thankful … that yesterday is over! LOL

To say I “had a Monday” would be the understatement of the year. First I discovered my “office” would in no way meet my needs. That lead to relayed messages to an unwilling and uncompromising landlady which continued right up until I discovered my … stolen Ipad. Suffice to say, yesterday WAS NOT FUN!

But as always, there was a lesson hidden in that chaos. Today is Teaching Tuesday and this morning I will release my video explaining just what I have learned in all this but first, I am enjoying:

a) the new (if not, odd) location of my desk.
b) the great lighting in this area.
c) the sunrise, my first in my new home.

Yes, today is going to be a great day, of this I have no doubt. The last day of moving insanity, then life returns to productivity and deadlines and I can’t wait! Proof I suppose of what I have always said – that I so love my job!

And you my friend, I pray your week is progressing in a smooth if not down-right-enjoyable way. I pray you have many reasons to laugh and smile but if you don’t, I pray you too can find the lesson. It’s there, usually just past the pain and/or the tears.



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