What if Your Words Mattered?

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking …

What if your words mattered?

So many do it. They spit out random words onto social media platforms with little thought to the people who will read them. They have the RIGHT to share their opinion! They are PEEVED! The world should KNOW!!

But what if your readers hung on to your every word? What if your phrases cut them deep down to places not normally acknowledged? What if they were activated by your post, for the good or bad?

Would you type the same words?

Today, I speak to not one but two audiences and in both cases, the effects could be long-lasting – good or bad. I must choose carefully my words, ensuring they are authentic yet impactful at the same time. I must speak from the heart in the hope of reaching minds.

Oh, kinda like I do here every single morning!
Gotcha! Thanks for that Creator!

So, my friend, what will you say today? What will you type? Will your fingers fly mindlessly across keys, focused on venting rather than impact or will you first stop to think of that human who will eventually see and read them?

I pray you stop to think, for I know … your words do matter.

I love you!