Day 149 – So Thankful!


I am awake, I am alive and EEEEEE!! I am here, at my table in my new home, ready to start yet another fantastic week on this journey of mine and all I am this morning is … thankful.

So thank you to my bestie Earl, whose help has always been appreciated, even if I do not say that often enough (and I don’t).

Thanks so much to my son Keith, who worked his TUSH off this last week. Thank you for the convos and the laughter that my spirit so needed during this insane transition.

Thank you to my son-in-law Colin for adding another set of “guns” to move the big stuff. I know both Keith and I appreciated it immensely.

And thank YOU to all my friends, fans, and followers who sent love and encouragement during this time. I read and appreciated every word even if all I had time to do is respond with a heart emoji. Know that little heart is truly from my heart to yours.

As I look around at the boxes that surround me, as I stub my toe for the upteenth time, as I wonder where this or that is … I am so very happy and as always, that is because of the AMAZING people in my world including you.

So enjoy this day my friend. Send yourself notes of encouragement. Treat yourself with love and patience. You deserve nothing less from anyone after all, including you.



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