Maybe the Reason Why the Elders Smile …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I give thanks for the fact that my journey is continuing, I smile at the realization that I am doing it much WISER these days.

I don’t work harder, I work wiser.

I don’t eat less, I eat wiser.

I don’t speak less, I speak when my wisdom is needed and simply observe when it isn’t.

I don’t write less, ever, yet my words are now dripping in wisdom rather than doubt, and I do enjoy the change.

My schedule, however, is definitely not as tight as it once was for wisdom has touched that as well. Nowadays, days have themes and tasks are assigned to when I can best do them, rather than when they MUST be done.

And it is good, real good. Perhaps this is a hint of why the elders smile, in spite of whether or not we think they should.

Take a second this morning, my friend, for your journey continues too (if you are reading these words). Are you also “doing things better” and if not, is it not time you should?

Let’s leave auto-pilot to the robots. We have wisdom to enjoy.

I love you!