Day 148 – We Are Okay!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning it seems the “three-word-morning-theme continues” with yet another combination …

We are okay.

It came to me first thing, just as my mind adjusted to the idea of today. Oreo, my trusty furball companion, was resting comfortably on my tummy as I petted her. It was then it came to me, that in the midst of boxes and cluttered insanity, we were okay.

The words have always brought me comfort, even when uttered in the silence of a private room in a shelter for abused women, hugging my children close, knowing even in the midst of the insanity that was my world at the time, we were okay.

Today, my furniture arrives and I expect to squeal with delight just as I did when my wingback chairs took their place in front of the window. (For those old enough to get the reference, my chairs are my Mary Tyler Moore’s “M”.).

Tonight, offices get organized, bags unpacked, with the knowledge that it is all here, just waiting to find its place … like I did.

Yes, we are okay. We are so much MORE than okay and tomorrow the fun begins as I return to work and my life, this time from my brand new digs!


Enjoy this day my friend, may it bring you something, ANYTHING that makes you squeal in delight. After all, even adults should allow themselves to get that excited from time to time. Personally, I prefer daily!



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