The Calm AFTER the Storm (Please notice!)


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so appreciating the calm AFTER the storm while recognizing that not enough people take the time …

Yesterday, the first pain-free day after breaking my toe. It was glorious.


Because I noticed.

But do you?

Do you notice the hard work week that you just completed, not just that it ended but that YOU did it?

Do you lament that the kids have moved out or do you also take a second to realize that means you did your job as a parent, preparing them so that they would WANT to move out?

Do you b**ch about the lousy date, calling he/she every name in the book as you relay the story to friends, OR do you take a second to be proud of the fact that you now realize who does and doesn’t work for you, even if they would work perfectly for someone else?

And on and on.

Why is this important?

Because your happy is in those moments. Your heaven on earth is in those precious seconds. Your wisdom, your growth, your self-esteem, they are all nestled in the moments when you take the time to acknowledge what you have accomplished, the little things and the HUGE things, especially when no one else noticed.

They don’t need to. You do.

Not to acknowledge that you are better than another, but to acknowledge that you are not worse. Those moments are you recognizing that you have leveled up, that you have learned from the journey, that you are getting better at this.

And you deserve to notice.

#celebrateandsurvive my friend, celebrate and survive. Survive the storm then take a moment to acknowledge that you did simply because that wisdom you are building is so worth acknowledging.

I love you!