The Spaces We So Desperately Need!

I am awake, I am alive, and once again today I am thinking about the spaces we must create …

‘Safe spaces’ is always the first type to come to mind, but few realize these don’t just happen. They take work. They take an assertive leader that will draw and reinforce lines and boundaries. Safe doesn’t mean ‘comfortable’ as often difficult conversations must happen in safe spaces (which is why we need them to be safe). Safe means you won’t be threated or condemned. It doesn’t mean what you say will not be challenged.

More importantly however, to my mind, is the creation of spaces to move into after the transgression, after the learning, after the change in thought/word/deed. Condemning someone for something they did 20 years ago is useless when they have clearly shown they are no longer that person. Perfection at every stage of our journey is not the goal. Learning, growing, ‘leveling up’ is.

So today, as we enter into the weekend, I ask you … what spaces have you created for those you love, for those you work with, for those you interact with online? Are they safe? Do they have space to grow? Or do you have work to do?

The journey continues … hopefully to safer spaces where we can indeed be our improved selves.

I love you!