Day 145 – Settling


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I smile at the realization that I am “settling” like the foundation of a great house settles over time.

Went to see the new place again last night. As I walked through the halls, I realized it is not “high end”. It is not “fancy”. It is not “executive” in that CEO type way and all that works for me because you see, neither am I.

The new place is comfortable. It is warm. It is friendly and I do hope those are the feelings I invoke when someone meets me – warmth and comfort and friendliness.

Truth be told, I am long past the days of trying to impress. I am long past proving my worth for I am me, born to contribute, a woman of wisdom and humour, and growing and this home is me, to an absolute “T”.

So good-bye condo on the hill, intimidating or literally inaccessible to far too many. It is time to return to ground level, to plant my feet in a yard, to nurture plants and trees along with my soul. It is time to land, to settle in, to prepare because solid ground is where all great climbs begin.

And you my friend, are you standing on solid ground, surrounded by warmth and comfort and friendliness in relationships and in your home?

I pray you said “Yes”. If not, please fix that.



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