Who Decides How YOU Treat Others? Best check!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning only one thought is dancing happily in my brain …

Wisdom is built in reflection, futures are built in action.

With that thought in mind, think of the day, week, or month just passed. Do not look to the actions of others. Do not look to excuses. Just look at YOUR words, your actions or your lack of words and inaction. Are you proud? Did your words and deeds clearly show the world how amazing you are or did they paint a less flattering picture for those you interacted with?

Don’t blame them! Your words and actions are yours … always.

Now, the important part – what can you do different next time?

Again, not based on what another says or does but because you long to FINALLY be in charge of your life. Being a leaf in the wind, reacting over and over to the words and actions of another, is exhausting. You deserve better so decide – what can you do differently next time?

And then, do it. Respond in a new, more positive, more healthy, more empowered, more assertive way. Make yourself proud. BE who Creator meant you to be (which is so much more than a leaf in the wind, I might add).

And no, it won’t be easy and yes, it is easy for me to tell you what to do for I saw an example of this choice almost every week as a child. You see, I recognized racism in my world long before I knew the word, watching as storeclerks grinned at my Dad and stuck their nose up at my Mom. But every single time, Mom grinned and smilled her biggest smile and thanked them as they handed her whatever she had just purchased.

When I asked why she didn’t bite back, she would simply state, “Because I decide who I am and how I treat others, they don’t.”

I remember her words today as I repeat again …
Wisdom is built in reflection, futures are built in action.

I love you!