Day 142 – Take Us With You


I am awake, I am alive, as the excitment builds …

With each day, with each box packed, I marvel as the home I loved morphs back into the condo I moved into many years ago. The shell – empty, waiting to become something for someone.

And it did. It became the place my grandchildren played, where friends stopped in for heartfelt sharings, where love was made and great meals were shared. It became the place I lived my life until I decided it was time for a new view.

Marie Kondor would be proud of me as I enjoy every speaker’s gift, every book, every famiy memento, every ornament, stopping to feel the love before resting it in its temporary cardboard home.

And today, that journey continues as I enjoy the love that has surrounded me here, the love that goes with me anywhere I go and that my friend, is what I wish for YOU.

Take me with you. Take your loved ones and kids. Take your parents and friends. Take us with you, no matter where you go, no matter where you stand or who you stand beside. You need not face anything alone if only you can remember to take us.

Take us with you.



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