Day 141 – What Sleep Brings


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am so incredibly thankful for … a great night’s sleep.

Truth be told, last week I endured one restless night after another, unable to get to sleep, unable to stay asleep when I did. Whether it was excitment over the new work I have secured, the magnitude and time those projects will take, the move or all of the above, I was not resting. But now that has thankfully changed.

Last night and the night before I slept the sleep of angels, my body again appreciating just how amazing my mattress is. And yet another habit has returned as well – the habit of working before I wake.

In the earliest days of my business, I would wake and even before I opened my eyes, the day’s agenda would run through my mind. I would see what I would be doing and with whom, where I was going and what I would get to experience. Once reviewed, my eyes would open wide as I jumped out of bed, anxious to start the amazing day ahead.

This morning, I did just that as before eyes opened, I mentally reviewed all the awesomeness that is in my world right now, all the amazing newnesss. Once the review was done, I sat up, anxious to get the day underway, to live the awesomeness.

Now, as I sit and sip my coffee, I recognize the connection between a balanced and full life and my ability to enjoy a great night sleep. Out of balance – ignoring issues, overwhelmed, dreading something – all of those are enough to rob me of the sleep my life demands. But once balance has returned, so too does my sleep.

So this is me, praying YOU are also sleeping the sleep of the angels. If not, I pray you correct soon what is robbing you of rest. It is within your control after all and you so deserve the rest.



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