A “Big Girl Panties” Kinda Year

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I see the date, I cannot help thinking, “One year ago today …”.

One year ago today, I begin paying rent on this humble abode. The challenges of Covid restrictions, the need for time to pivot my business online, the expenses I no longer had the income to pay – all led to some incredibly hard decisions, like giving up the condo I loved.

It was needed. It was a good decision. It was what I SHOULD do but it was hard.

And now, here I sit – income replaced, bills easily paid at this new level, new opportunities popping up weekly, and the confidence that comes with knowing that when the chips were down, I did the right thing with the underwear of an adult not the tears of a child.

And it feels good.

This home is temporary, the bridge I need to get me into home ownership. Plans are already underway (thanks to a kicktush financial planner) and I am happy, happy with how I danced in that storm.

Today my friend, if you are in the midst of your own kinda hell, listen to your wisdom, not your wishes. Do what you KNOW is the RIGHT thing to do because in time, that right thing will become your joy.

I know, because I have done it time and time again.

I love you!