Day 140 – A New View


I am awake, I am alive as the month of transition begins …

It happens to me everytime I “move” whether short or longterm. I find myself marveling at the transition and the very ability to make such a move. Whether it is the idea that we can wake up in one place, jump on a plane, and sleep in another or the idea of moving homebase, the opportunites are endless.

This is my last weekend in my condo. As I watch the sun rise to begin its day, I smile knowing soon I will see the exact same thing in a whole new way through a different window in a different part of the city. Kinda like the room looks different when we move the couch or how our partner looks different after we understand.

I smile at the change about to happen. This place gave me so much joy, so much inspiration, and so many challenges and I will be willing to bet so too will the new. And gawd news, I love me some new!

And so it begins. The plans are set. The boxes collected. The moving process underway. Soon I will meet you on the other side my friend, the other side of TBay. If, and only if, I am able to keep track of my computer. Hehehehe

Oh, moving! lol

Have a great one my friend! Don’t trip over the boxes but please remember, to enjoy the sun.



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