Day 1 – 28 Day Lockdown

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning there is really only one thought on my mind … 28 days.

With the State of Emergency declaration yesterday, throwing our province into lockdown once again, I cannot help but think that today is the first of 28 days. In other words, the perfect day to set some goals!

That may sound crazy to some but I have found that goals during troublesome times helps me to maintain my sanity, my focus, and my well-being, allowing me to come out ahead when the insanity subsides. So this time, I will once again rely on a recipe that has served me well in poverty, after violence, in a strange city, and even during times when I was alone and scared.

This time period fits the criteria for a time that needs goals.

So that is my focus today, deciding what WILL BE DONE by the end of this 28 days. I can think of one or two already.

However you handle this insane time (for those in it), do that. As long as it is healthy and not detrimental to your life or relationships, do that. And for those not in it, thank your Creator while you pray for all those sick, all those grieving, all of those who know all too well how every real Covid is.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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