Day 23 – I Am My Mom!

I am awake, I am alive and lately, I have been upgrading my home environment to make it more palatable to be under Stay-at-Home orders. Upgrades have included new accessories for the kitchen and soon, a spring upgrade to the bedroom.

Yesterday, my new set of pots arrived, the final upgrade for the kitchen. As I stood over them to take a pic, it came to me.

“I am my Mom!”

My mind flashed back at the speed of memory. I was at my Mom’s, about to cook us up something for lunch. I asked her where her pots were and she pointed to the appropriate cupboard. And there they were – bright, shiny new pots. Not like ANYTHING we ever had in the impoverished home I grew up in.

I held up a saucepan, glancing at my Mom with a puzzled look. She giggled as she was apt to do, explaining that she had “bought herself a present”.

My kids grew up in an impoverished home too and we sure didn’t have bright shiny pots but there I was, documenting the present I had bought myself.

I smile now, looking forward to the day, somewhere in the future, when one of my children or grandchildren will visit and decide to make us something for lunch.


Where do you flash to my friend? Who do you visit with in your memory? Feel free to share. I would love to hear of them and of who you are as a result.

I love you!

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