I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am giggling as I don my imaginary “Funk Destroyer” cape!

Yes, this morning I woke in a funk, stuck in a past that I didn’t enjoy the first time around. Dreams of unsatisfactory partying with the ex left me feeling yucky. This did not improve when I remembered that there is no class to teach this morning. That the semester is now done, the teaching door closed.

Funk alert! Funk alert!

As I stirred my coffee, I asked myself what I could and would do about this. After all, the funk is neither productive nor enjoyable so I had absolutely ZERO reason to stay there and then it hit me.

How do you free yourself on an “old” you don’t need?

Easy! Replace it with A NEW YOU DO!!

YES! Now I am pumped because NOW my day is about training and new skills, new ideas and great new projects. A not-so-subtle reminder to my soul that the best is most definitely “yet to come”!

So there it is my friend, MY way of breaking a funk pattern but I am curious, what is yours? How do you stop the music so the dance with ghosts ends? How do you “bring yourself back”?

Use that wisdom I know you have!

I am dying to hear.

I love you!

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