Day Forty-Four – Gardening


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I once again prepare to work in my garden, this place of positivity and light.

This place, this blog is my garden, my life’s work, the place from which the world reaps the most beautiful bounty. For here, I believe in you, without question. Here I encourage you by being authentically open with you. Here I am an example of a human, flaws and all. Here I care. And here, as a result, people grow into positive, empowered, insightful beings and I get to assist with that growth if and only if, I do not allow weeds in.

And for that reason and that reason alone, I police this garden of positivity and light lest a negative comment make its way in. Negativity like weeds, chokes off fertile soil. Weeds block sunlight. Weeds rob nutrients that inspire and encourage and for that reason, they must always be removed.

But please, do not misunderstand – I ENCOURAGE you to question, to think, to ponder the words I share here as you determine if such seeds belong in your garden. But if you wish to be a weed in this garden of positivity and light, if you wish to bring negativity and darkness because that is what you are growing and nurturing right now, know that this is not the place for such things.

As stated, weeds will be removed but know that too can be so empowering. For I hope, as a result of the removal, that you take the time to ask yourself, “Why was my comment removed?” and I pray you honestly answer. Do not mislead yourself by thinking I did it out of malice or judgement. Rather know I was simply gardening, nurturing and caring for this place of positivity and light. And in that knowing, realize that perhaps it is time for you to start weeding your own garden, building your own place of positivity and light, whether on a website page or in your own heart.

And as a guest here in this sacred place, I ask you to please check the phrase you offer before hitting “Enter”. If you disagree with what I have posted today or any day, feel free to disagree – in your mind, in your home, or on your own page. But not here in this sacred place because strong, courageous and beautiful people grow here and they need fertile ground to do that, a rich soil filled with inspiration and encouragement, a soil vacant of weeds.

On this day I smile, for today as everyday I am gardening and this year’s harvest promises to be simply BEAUTIFUL!.

YOU my friend, are looking beautiful. Enjoy this day.
#stayhome #staysafe