Day 19 – Spring Spruce Up!

I am awake, I am alive, as I await the deliveries. THIS is going to be AWESOME!

For those following my posts, you know I have struggled with lockdown at times. To pivot from a career or extreme travel to a stay-at-home order took some adjusting. It took a while before I found the solution but find it I did!

The answer – make home BEAUTIFUL!

Now I realize my privilege is showing. For many years, when money was tight, making my home beautiful was limited to a furniture rearrange (for the record, that WORKED!). But this year, thanks to a busy spring season, I can afford a touch here or there and since I cannot travel to beauty, why not LIVE IN IT?!

First, the kitchen touches will arrive – accessories all in brilliant RED that speak to this Red Thunderbolt Woman.

Then the bedroom – with white and yellow hues, to welcome the brightest of springs while casting out darker days from the past.

These rooms were the last two so with these adjustments, every single room in my home will now sing to my spirit as I enter. They will welcome me with their beauty as the waters of northern Ontario or the cliffs of Terrace Bay so often have.

Home is where this heart is and beauty has always brought me joy, whether it be Creator or man-made so, it is time. Time to make this home beautiful!

Lockdown locked down! YES!!

I love you, my friend!

#ibelieveinyou #ibelieveinme #icreatespace #celebrateandsurvive #repairingfeathers