Day Forty-Three – Grandfather Sun


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at the inclination we have to humanize what we value most (and to dehumanize that which we don’t).

We see it often – a family pet considered “a dog” is treated far differently than one that is a “member of the family”. A vehicle is just that, until it gets a name and becomes the “trusted companion that takes us to where we need to go”. The planet contains resources to be used, substandard to the care taken for “Mother Earth”. And yes, a basketball or exercise ball becomes a friend simply by giving it a name and a face.

I laughed as I woke this morning, thrilled by the simple game the sun and I are now engaged in. You see, some days I am up before the sun and I make sure to taunt Grandfather with this fact, right up until the moment I am blessed to greet him, like a loved one entering the room from their place of slumber.

This morning, the sun beat me and it was I who was taunted as the sun flooded my room in light, making it impossible to continue my slumber (and yes, I swear I heard Grandfather laugh as he did it, enjoying that this time it was his turn to taunt).

Yes, thanks to this and many other games, I will no doubt laugh my way through this day, in the same way I would normally laugh with friends. I miss them but I will miss these new “friendships” as well, if I am fool-hearty enough to forget them when once again the bustle returns.

I wonder … was this what it was like as loved ones waited for a war to end and loved ones to return? Was this what it was like when families huddled together or scattered in hopes of surviving the great depression?

This is our challenge – our period of waiting and I pray my friend that your surroundings are also filled with “friends” of whatever variety you choose. If not, Grandfather Sun is a fun one to add to your playlist. Trust me.

The journey continues …