Day 18 – Because Spring Eventually Comes

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am smiling at how things, once so confusing, become crystal clear with age. Case in point – the giving and/or asking for advice between parent and child.

I do it, often even and why not? After all, my children are now intelligent, competent adults and more, they are two adults I trust, two adults that often know me better than I know myself.

Why would I not ask their advice on this or that?

But yesterday, after having asked my daughter for advice on something, I recognized the natural progression, realizing that this change from adult giving advice to her offspring to seeking it from them is as natural as winter fading into spring.

You see, asking for advice requires that they ponder the question, search through their own individual databanks and formulate a response. Then they have to articulate that solution, in a way that will be understood and in doing so, they build their wisdom.

It is preparation, as I hear my Mother’s words, yet again …

“I am here for only one reason, to give you everything you need to go on without me. Once that is done, I get to join Dad again.”

I smile at the thought of one day joining my ancestors. But first, I must assist in the preparation of those that come next, helping them as they fine-tune the process of listening to themselves, to their own wisdom, to their own experience, to their own knowledge, to their own advice.

I, for one, love helping them prepare, for as we all know, spring will eventually come.

Food for thought …

I love you!