Day Forty-Two – Revealing!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at just how “revealing” this time truly is.

Across the globe, Creator is trying to show us how things are meant to be. Skies are clearing of smog as residents once again are able to enjoy and appreciate the sun. Waters are becoming clearer, allowing humans and fish and 4-legged wonders to enjoy the majesty that is any river system. Slowly Creator is showing us what our ancestors knew – we are nothing compared to the majesty of Mother Earth.

And at the same time, glances in mirrors reveal humans often carefully hidden. “Fakeness” fades as nails fall off, hair dye grows out, and sweats without need for spanx reveal true ass sizes. And I smile at every single manifestation.

“So this is me, is it Creator?” I imagine asking. “I knew about the hair but I didn’t realize how damaged my natural nails were. Thank you for showing me. And thanks for pushing/pulling/inspiring me to do those steps each day. The junk in my truck is packed a little tighter these days thanks to my effort.”

Yes, I smile, for I am wise enough to know that what matters is not what is revealed in the mirror, but how we feel about it. Are we truly the type of person who hates who we are? And if so, are we truly okay with that?

I say don’t hate, love. Love that the world is rejuvenating. Love that your body is healing. Love that your true stronger, wiser, more experienced self is showing.

You earned that wisdom after all. Each strand of that silver hair is like a feather in a cherished bustle, delivered to you in recognition of every battle overcome, every word or song received, every nugget of wisdom you have offered.

Truth be told, when this is done, the world will be much more “real” and so will we and I pray we are smart enough to never damage ourselves, each other, or the Earth again. It is a choice we each must make, so let us not worry about what “they” will do. Instead let us focus on how we choose to dance.

Enjoy this day my friend, in sweats.