Day Forty – Counting Blessings


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I give thanks for the woman who carried the wisdom, the woman I knew as “Mom”, the woman the world did not see.

In times of trial, Mom would say, “Count your blessings. And if that is difficult, you best count them twice”. The meaning behind her words was as simple as it was profound – do not focus on your trials. Instead, CONSCIOUSLY focus on what still works, what you can do, what has not changed.

In my world, change has been the constant for some time. Before the virus, my every week involved different work with different people as I prepared to travel to different venues in different locations. My work involved standing in strange places and resting in beds I had never slept in before. Few things were “the same” yet I managed to focus on what had not changed.

In this time of vast change, the magic still works. So this is me, focusing on what has not changed:

I still go to sleep listening to the exact same song list. To hear the music is to understand it is time to go to sleep, no matter where I am laying my head.

Each day my day begins by setting my To Do List, tasks that always begin with the creation of this blog post to you, my friend on the other side of the internet wires.

My shower is just as hot, as cascades of “devil water” (my daughter’s phrase referencing that “I like it hot!!”) soothe my muscles.

The sunrise is just as beautiful, just as beckoning.

My work, just as satisfying, even if now it is in a new form and writing continues to be how I make sense of my world, never dependent on how many read. I have faith, knowing that thanks to Creator’s magic, those who need to, those who can be helped by the phrasing, will.

Yes, like my Mother before me, I do not give others the power to define my worth. Whether I stand on stage in front of hundreds or alone at this keyboard, I am me with all the validation I need – I exist therefore I matter. After all, every piece is essential in Creator’s puzzle (even if we have yet to figure out how we fit).

The journey continues my friend. Count your blessings today. And if you need to, count them twice.