Day Thirty-Nine – Global Humility


I am awake, I am alive, and with pain subsided, I give thanks to Creator for his teachings, especially where humility is concerned.

A friend recently commented that the world is now in the midst of a “global humbling” and I found the phrase so absolutely perfect. Men and women across the globe are being reminded that their goals, their ambitions, their greed and even their intellect is NOT the ultimate force and that none of those things can ever be allowed to supersede caring for the vast and amazing planet that allows us the luxury of life.

Some are getting it, some aren’t. Some are still searching for a “human” to blame because SURELY it has to be man-made. No my friend, no it does not. There are so many examples of times humans have been reminded that there are forces greater than even them … but until now, most humans were masters of simply not hearing, focusing instead on the need for a pay cheque or a new lawn.

And personally, the same dance plays out on a smaller scale. I face the same challenges. I focus on goals and ambition, forgetting that the care of this body is paramount to me achieving anything. Not resting, not eating, none will help me reach my goal. And when needed, my body reminds me I am being a lousy caretaker. But thankfully, it is also beautifully forgiving. Once I rest, once I eat, the pain again subsides, as my body sits back and again watches to see if I have truly learned anything this time.

And so it continues. Given time my body heals in the same way the world’s waters and air have begun to grow healthier now that human damage has been minimized. But have we learned? Or does ego still insist we know best?

I am no fool. Creator and Mother Earth have my full respect. I know I am nothing compared to the gifts of the air, the water, the trees, the grass, and all my brothers and sisters that live on this wondrous planet – 2 and 4-legged, winged and hoofed, swimmers and flyers. So many are so much smarter than we are. They know to live in harmony. They know to care for the Mother that provides for them. Will we finally be as smart as our animal family?

Time will tell. I am just so thankful for the forgiving nature of my Creator and of this planet. All they ever ask is that we end the abuse – of ourselves, of this planet, of each other. And we can do this, right after we admit we cannot do things the way we always have. So, this is me praying that it will take only one pandemic to teach us.

For if we do not learn …. the reminders will be sent again.

The journey continues.

Stay well my friend, stay safe and please, stay home.