Day 14 – Life ROI

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am thinking … ROI.

ROI = Return on Investment, a thought process no doubt sparked by last night’s business meeting but one I find applies to everything I do and everyone I know.

Case in point – my children, now grown, one with offspring of her own. Both worth every second of time, every drop of energy, every tear, every frustration for the joy is 100x my investment.

My business – yet another source of joy, worth every second of frustration and even doubt.

All my relationships shine under this scrutiny, making me smile as I realize just how much I have received from every single human in my world, every single endeavor, every lesson learned.

And with that, the revelation that my life itself has been the greatest return on investment, growing exponentially yet entirely dependent on just how willing I am to make it so.

A thought that leaves me to wonder if you can say same?

I love you!

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