Day Thirty-Eight – Marathon (not a Sprint)


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I’m thinking about the cards we are dealt.

Fair. Unfair. No such thing really, just cards handed to each of us. No one deserves cancer or a car accident. Few deserve a lottery win but it’s all possible in the cards we are dealt.

For me, my cards include a permanent neck injury that rarely lets me progress as quickly as I would like. After 29 years, I’m pretty good at knowing what I can and can’t do – knowing what puts me at risk and what doesn’t. But every now and then I forget the hand I hold, until the cards remind me.

A neck injury, like any injury, reminds you how interconnected we truly are. Driving in a car without arm rests, means the weight off my arms pulling down on my neck. A chair that leans back, means I have to hold my head forward in the position that is guaranteed to cause pain. This time round it wasn’t too much typing or laptop time (looking down kills me). It wasn’t lack of sleep or lifting something heavy. This time it appears power walking each day to fav music, enthusiastically getting in my steps while moving my arms to the beat … is too much, just too much.

So this is me, acknowledging that It is frustrating to remember your hand includes a 3 or 4, solo cards without mates or matches to increase their power. My humility increases today as I am forced to accept my neck needs a break. Doesn’t matter my goals or my timeline for completing things.

Rest assured, I will get things done but first I must tend to the cards I’ve been dealt. No loser here. No failure and neither are you on the days your body says rest or a migraine whispers “not today”. It’s just us living life in the best way we can, with the humility carried in the cards we’ve been dealt. On such days, we must remember the great authors that have spoken words into computers when they could not type. We must remember Terry Fox who chose to run the Marathon of Hope.

Yes today, I acknowledge that I will achieve my goals … eventually, at a pace that my cards allow. Today however, I must rest. Tomorrow, I will adjust my plans as need be. After 29 years, I know the drill.

But on this day, before I escape far from keyboards, I implore you my friend, take care of you. Don’t ever give up, but please, rest when needed.


I love you. Hugsssssss